A New Featured Book Trailer

Showcasing the Biblical Harrowing Tale of the

“Time of the End”

Lily Among Thorns Song Of Solomon 2:2

In the Last days 2nd Peter 3:3

Lily the heroine in this  heartwarming story, has come to find it impossible to live in what the Bible calls the ‘Time of the End!’ A lovely young girl in her mid-twenties surrounded on all sides by an apostate regime. Lily has become a serious threat to society due to her faithful regard in the Bible and as it is written.

With no place to hide she is quickly snatched out from a loving home and experiences first hand. The loathing and hatred toward the believer and the God of the Bible.  

But along the way Lily finds the faith of others are everywhere, and a one true love to sweep Lily off her feet to prove once more in the end “True Love Vanquishes All”.

Experience this and more imperils Lily takes on

her faithful journey.

“Where Bible Prophecy Comes Alive”! 

photo by sktter photo on pexels

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